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They Don't Teach This In Business School

Sep 26, 2022

They Don’t Teach This in Business School is a podcast where our award-winning host, Julie Bee discusses the behind-the-scenes realities of being a business owner. In each episode, she talks about lessons learned on the business owner’s journey, that only experience can teach.


In today’s episode, Julie talks with Jim Young, Men's Burnout and Leadership Coach at The Centered Coach. They discuss burnout for business owners and how expansive intimacy can help. Jim also shares how his marriage was a victim of his career, and how he’s helping others avoid that same path.


Don’t miss the discussion about The Wheel of Life and learn how to get your hands on Jim’s new book, Expansive Intimacy: How “Tough Guys” Defeat Burnout.


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Julie has spoken to countless organizations for 14+ years on topics including leadership, management, employee engagement and morale, workplace culture, small business ownership, and entrepreneurship. If you an engaging, relatable, and inspiring speaker for your next event, book Julie to speak to your group.


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